I design and produce digital media projects, particularly installations, augmented reality, locative and mobile media. I am interested in  aesthetic, cultural and historical applications and experiences in mixed media.

I work primarily in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Adobe CS/CC.


The Surface of Water: Worlds of Anders Zorn – a collaborative narrative AR-project with author Michael Joyce and Jay David Bolter. The project explores the Swedish artist Anders Zorn’s life and art through a locative media narrative that primarily uses the Argon-based panorama. Under development 2012-2013. Supported by the Harald and Louise Ekman Research foundation.

pereTango – a collaborative narrative AR project with Jay David Bolter. Borrowing from several sources from film, the project re-imagines storytelling in multimodal, location-based media. Under development 2012-2013. For more


Previous projects:

 AffeXity – an ongoing interdisciplinary pilot choreographic project examining affect and dance on screen and cities. A project of embedded choreographies, in the city of Malmö Sweden, using the Argon AR browser.  Led by Professor Susan Kozel at Malmö University. I am AR experience design consultant on the developing project. Video:

ArtNotArt – a website that invites visitors to vote on uploaded images to designate whether each image is art or not. The purpose of this site is to explore contemporary notions of art. Is art the work of an elite group with special training and recognition? Or is art something that an untrained person can produce? Collaboration with Prof Jay David Bolter, Rebecca Rouse, Nachiketas Ramanujam, Sanika Mokashi (all at Georgia Tech, GT). Developed 2011, active.

The Lights of Saint Etienne – An Augmented Reality mobile media application creating a multimodal cultural heritage and aesthetic experience in the Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Metz, France in collaboration with Georgia Tech Lorraine, Georgia Tech’s Augmented Environments Lab. I am project manager and content producer, and I have worked with the design and programming of the application with Jomis Kakozhayil and Jing Li (GT students). Developed 2011. Supported by BTH and GT. kharma:// Launches with the Argon iPhone app:

Let Me Tell You a Secret – student research project (undergraduate program) with large-scale outdoor projection of live-feedback text messages concerning social media and privacy. Sponsors: First Hotels Sweden, and the Swedish Church. Received local press and TV coverage. Collaborator: Talan Memmott, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and undergraduate students in the Literature, Culture, and Digital media program.  Developed and completed spring 2010.

Video documentation by a student (YouTube):

Local news coverage (YouTube):

Poetic Rub – collaboration with Karen Head, Jay David Bolter, and Jacob Crowder. An interactive poetic digital media work involving adaptation and remediation of poems into digital form with touch screen. Submitted to and performed at the E-poetry 2007 Festival in Paris, May 2007. Mock-up Flash version:



I have been working with digital media projects in various guises over the last 15 years. During my graduate studies I worked with web and graphic design, creating information material, websites and graphic profiles for Blekinge Institute of Technology and Uppsala University (English department, American Studies).


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