What’s in it? Collaboration on Digitalization in/of the Cultural Sector

During the fall I have been part of a collaboration between Region Skåne/Kultur Skåne and Media Evolution City: http://www.mediaevolution.se/evenemang/2016/09/whats-in-it

The question we posed for the master class, and that I attempted to answer, in part, was “What’s in it?”

As a media scholar and someone who is engaged with questions of digitalization, technological and media developments, and the changing modes of engagement with media, I am tempted to say, what is not in it? Numerous reports, papers and research show an increasing digitalization of many if not most of our society’s institutions and sectors. It is not the increasing prevalence of digital technologies that are at stake; rather, it is how we address these processes of digitization and how digitalization (confusing, those two terms, I know) as a more profound process of change are affecting our lives.

Cultural institutions–in this case, museums, theaters, music and dance institutions, and archives–with public access as part of their agenda must factor in how digital technologies will change the ways in which they communicate internally and externally, archive, store and preserve objects and document relevant phenomena, organize their own work and engage the public.

During 2017, I will continue to collaborate with Kultur Skåne under the auspices of a soon-to-be established formal agreement between Malmö University and Kultur Skåne.

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