Along with other Living Archives members I am participating in the AHA-festival at Chalmers. Our participation, intervention, consists of us all engaging in a 24-hour work process with various tasks and processes. Some of these we share; others are individual. I have set myself two tasks to mark the time as I work. The first is to write 4 lines of text once each hour, starting at 11:30 am today. I am influenced by M.J. who in turn was influenced by someone else’s marking each day with a haiku. It is also a gesture in reference to and as a reaction against tweeting or otherwise projecting outward my thoughts and reactions to what happens during these 24 hours. I am, in a sense, tweeting locally, and on paper. In other words: I am simply writing. The second task is to take at least one photo every hour.2015-11-03 14.03.50 With Temi Odumosu, I am working in the Bitter & Sweet project (a subproject within Living Archives). During these 24 hours she and I will be working with historical archives, photographs and texts from Danish archives dealing with the colonial past.


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