ELMCIP – the end….

I spent the last few days in London, for the final HERA conference and The Time and The Place festival, as well as a half-day symposium at King’s College. We presented the various activities and outcomes of ELMCIP, including the anthology and the Knowledge Base. It was quite interesting to hear how our activities and our network fared compared to the other HERA projects (all of which were very interesting and gave lots of inspiration and insight). In particular, I am proud that ELMCIP, much thanks to Scott’s efforts, will have a long-lasting effect on the digital literature and digital humanities/culture community, and that the work will continue.

There were some discussions concerning digital humanities that I found rather uninventive: the usual fare of digitization and the soon-usual “artistic reimagination” of various cultural heritage materials. There were, thankfully, some very interesting projects and people that I very much enjoyed learning more about. The Digital Humanities Center at King’s College is one of those places; Andrew Prescott’s introductory remarks during the King’s College day gave both useful (non-American) background on DH activities, and thoughts on (my own and others’) futures in the field, as it is being re-articulated and populated by more challenging and reflective projects. I look forward to meeting him again and talking more about these issues. In fact, I’m looking forward to being back in London for more DH, diglit and pedagogy related work and presentations in just a few days, really…


2013-05-31 13.28.40 2013-06-01 10.58.17

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