Cover story in ACM interactions

I am happy to see the cover story that I wrote together with Jay Bolter (lead author) and Blair MacIntyre now published in the ACM interactions.

The article argues that media studies can offer important insights into processes and analyses of design of digital media. We use the history and contemporary uses of panoramas as example, in particular mobile AR panoramas. For some time now, I have been working with Jay and Blair, both at the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech with mobile AR and panoramas. What started out as a developer’s tool in the AR browser Argon, developed at AEL, has become an important vessel for creative experiences. Jay and I are working on a couple of different AR narrative projects, one with well known author Michael Joyce. The article suggests that media studies can provide a “productive theory” for eg. interaction design. We argue that the insights from media studies provides a historical perspective and a rich vocabulary that can inform the design of new digital media such as mobile augmented reality. So, for instance, as concerns as contemporary AR panoramas, knowledge about immense success of the 19th century panorama (Stephan Oetterman’s book The Panorama: History of a Mass Medium on the subject is great) is invaluable for thinking about panoramic experiences.

And, in the article we forward the idea of polyaesthetic design, which pleases me too, of course.

Interactions cover Jan-Feb 2013
Interactions cover Jan-Feb 2013
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