Software photography

I am putting together a bibliography/”app-ography” of various photo-apps as part of onogoing work on what we might call “software photography.” As Oliver Grau reminds us the digital image represents endless options for manipulation (perhaps only faster and more ubiquitous). Infographics, visualizations and data-driven visual research (think Manovich’s software studies, or what he recently called software epistemologies): all become part of a new photographic and visual practices generated through and with software. That is the large scope of my current interest, and I will write more about it here and on far&near.

The more precise task at hand is making a list of mobile apps (and desktop computer software packets) that in various ways deal with photography, either as a camera device, or as a media or art project. There are lots of panorama apps out there, as well as retro photo apps.
This list in the App Store’s photo & video category, for instance, shows the range of apps available:
What are some that you have tried and liked/disliked/loved/hated? Help me add more & tell me your thoughts.

Microsoft Photosynth – panoramamaker:
360 Panorama by Occipital:
AutoStitch Panorama app:

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