Locative and augmented – GT experiences

I have just graded the final projects in my two classes here at GT. The Intro to Media Studies students have been amazing all semester. The Augmented Reality projects that we did in the Experimental Digital Media and Art class turned out to be challenging, interesting, and fun projects. The students and I, along with my great TAs, have struggled all semester with Argon, the AR-browser that we have mostly been working with. Primarily, and not surprisingly, it is the discrepancy between the ideas and the implementation that has taken the most time and energy. For me, working with Javascript and HTML 5 as well as panoramic photography has also been really interesting.  I am really happy with what the students produced and I am already thinking about how to take these experiences back to Sweden, BTH, and the teaching I have there this spring.

And the work will continue in 2012, as I continue working on projects dealing with design and writing for locative mixed media experiences, and issues of artistic research and methodology. One project that will start up in January is Narrative Terrains (a Malmö-based project that I am part of);  we just got seed funding from the Swedish National Research Council. My relationship to AEL and the DM program at Georgia Tech continues as well. More here soon about all these new things.

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