Taroko Gorge – Alone Engaged

Nick Montfort wrote the poetry generator Taroko Gorge in January 2009. Since then, others have appropriated his code and made their own “gorges.” As part of the experimental digital media course that I am teaching at Georgia Tech this semester, I decided to follow along that, by now, well-trodden path.
My Taroko Gorge-derivative work is called Alone Engaged.

Update: Nick Montfort keeps track of us http://nickm.com/post/2011/09/yo-dawg-i-hear-you-like-taroko-gorge/

Categories digital fiction, narrative, writing

1 thought on “Taroko Gorge – Alone Engaged

  1. This reminds me of a Hoax that someone pull over the poetry community by generating poems and ascribing poets names to them – mine was one of them – it created quite a stir as you can tell by the comments


    Here is a link to the poems

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