In Karlskrona, soon Atlanta

I am back in Karlskrona briefly before leaving for Atlanta, GA where I will be Guest Professor at Georgia Tech and Visiting Affiliate Researcher at the Wesley Center for New Media during the fall semester. I am looking forward to teaching two courses (Introduction to Media Studies and Experimental Digital Media) and to continue working on my Augmented Reality media projects. I continue to work with Jay Bolter and the students that I started collaborating with in Metz this spring, and I have plans for a couple of AR projects on my own.

This summer, being in Bayreuth gave me the peace and the inspiration to continue working on my book, which is now becoming much clearer in scope. The PhD students, MA students and faculty at MeKuWi challenged me in excellent ways with their questions and suggestions.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately, some of which will find its way here. In particular I am thinking about how digital aesthetics and McLuhan can fit together. I want to think through McLuhan’s dense yet brilliant formulations as pronouncements of aesthetics (in the sense of perception). An experiential, sensory reception of digital media as local, specific events, creations. His awareness of the visual tactility of the designed page is of course alluring to refer to when thinking through digital media interfaces.

I will write in earnest when I am in Atlanta again, feeling almost at home after having lived there for a year (2003-2004). I will be staying in the same neighborhood more or less, so I feel I know where to go, what to do, where to get good groceries (and French cheese and wine) and where the good bike rides and running paths are.

Oh, and I did get some time in the south of France this summer. 4 days of lovely vacation in La Gaude:

La Gaude - view over the mountains outside Nice
La Gaude - view over the mountains outside Nice
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