Showing work in Kraków

I have been invited to Kraków to participate in the Ha!wangarda Festival and give a talk/master class at the Jagellonian University about my work with Augmented reality and locative mobile media experiences. I will show ongoing locative media work from the Living Archives project and the City Fables project, and during the festival, I will demo The […]

Medea Vox, talking about why reading books is (not) important

Medea Vox: A podcast I was happy to be part of a discussion with Alexandra Borg (Uppsala university) and Pille Pruulmann Vengerfeldt (Malmö University) about reading in the current media landscape. It is part of the newly formed Medea Vox series at Malmö University. As part of Medea Vox, I will in a few weeks time be talking to […]

openness and snacking

As part of the Living Archives project, we are publishing a series of essays on the topic of openness: The Politics, Practices and Poetics of Openness. My contribution “Digital Archives, the Museum and the Culture Snacker” was just published on as part of our series.  

some thoughts from AHA.

There will be lots more general output and reflection about the Living Archives participation at the recent AHA-festival in Gothenburg at the beginning of November. Here are some of my thoughts and output from those hectic and strangely reflective 24 hour experience. 24 hours that turned into a separate entity in the usual flow of time, […]


Along with other Living Archives members I am participating in the AHA-festival at Chalmers. Our participation, intervention, consists of us all engaging in a 24-hour work process with various tasks and processes. Some of these we share; others are individual. I have set myself two tasks to mark the time as I work. The first […]

Thinking Serially – @ The Graduate Center, CUNY

I have been invited to give a talk at the upcoming conference Thinking Serially: Repetition, Continuation, Adaptation. My paper, “I Love Your Work: Seriality, Procedurality, and Narrative,” explores the tensions and connections between notions of procedurality, database aesthetics on the one hand, and narratives on the other. Lev Manovich proclaimed in 1998 that: new media objects […]